Me / Soulfish

I am a freelance ecological and agricultural economist working on the social, economic and policy dimensions of aquaculture development and fisheries management. I am based in York, UK. Soulfish Research & Consultancy is my trading name.

My work focuses on the sustainability of aquaculture and fisheries, and in particular on issues related to livelihoods, gender equality, adaptation and resilience, ecosystem services and the functioning of institutions. It spans across research, development and policy, and has been disseminated in a wide range of peer and non-peer reviewed outlets (publication list and citations).

My clients include international and regional organisations, donors and universities (portfolio of assignments).

My past employers are the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), and the Institute of Aquaculture at Stirling University (professional experience).

I hold a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Newcastle, and a MSc in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh, UK.